Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jayden is One+a little more!

Wow it has been a whirlwind since Jayden turned one. His actual birthday was so fun. He woke up and we made pancakes for his birthday breakfast. They were his current favorite breakfast food. (Now it’s French toast 1 month later) 1 year old

Here were some of Jayden’s favorites when he turned one:

1. Playing outside and pushing his walker around
2. Sweeping with a broom
3. Scrunching his nose up and breathing out of it
4. Black beans and avocados
5. Taking a bath every night before bed
6. Monkeys
7. Playing with phones and holding them up to his ear (but more like the back of his head) to say hello!
8. Walking holding our hands. He loved this and still does!
9. Doing 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed and ring around the rosy
10. Emptying Drawers
11. Playing  in the Refrigerator
12. Horsey rides especially when Mark would pretend to buck him off
13. Saying “What’s That” (aaaah saaaa?”) and pointing at EVERYTHING!
14. Eating hot dogs
15. Did I mention being outside??


Jayden still loves a lot of those things and man is he getting bigger. When I look at him now he looks like such a toddler to me. He has really changed. But I love it. And I still love him more than I ever thought I could. He is just like a dream come true, the best kid I ever could have asked for! He is so happy all of the time and usually a little crazy. He likes to jerk his head to the side while squinching his eyes and making this “tttssshhh” sound. It is the funniest thing ever and makes us laugh and laugh. He loves to throw his head back while he is eating and then look at you and laugh. He is obsessed with hiding himself and then peeking back out at you. He does this all the time and with everything! It is the best when he does it with like a spoon and he isn’t really hidden but he thinks he is!

Jayden understands getting dressed now and he loves to bring us his shoes so he can go outside. He’ll bring them to us and hold his feet out so we will put them on him!

Remember the sweater??? I want to take one every year with him wearing it…as long as he will let me! (and as long as it still fits. Haha)


He loves to STUFF HIS MOUTH full of as much food as he can and then take a big swig of milk. Thank goodness he has gotten out of his spitting all of his food out phase. For a while there I thought he may never eat again because he loved spitting so much!


Jayden loves to get his groove on! He has some fun dance moves where he wiggles his hips bobs his head and sometimes even dances while he crawls. It is so funny. He does this almost any time he hears a song or even sometimes if you sing to him!

Jayden is a little mischievous and he loves to get into trouble. I love when he is holding onto something walking away and you can just tell by the look on his face that he is about to go do something he knows he shouldn’t. lol IMG_9000

Jayden has these cute little shoes that make his feet smell SO BAD haha. Who knew that little baby feet could really stink so much. Ever since we noticed that Mark started doing a fun thing with Jayden and now he loves it. Pretty much you smell his feet and then proclaim something like, “Oh you have Stinky feet!!” while acting like you are disgusted. It makes him giggle and giggle. We always do it at bedtime now and it cracks us all up.

Jayden is ready to go to Alaska!

2013-05-14 09.24.23

Jayden loves to be outside exploring and getting DIRTY. He is an expert at getting into the most messy places. I love it! Some people are like, “I can’t believe you let him get so messy!” And I just want to say something back like “I can’t believe you think I shouldn’t??” haha He is a little boy he is supposed to make messes!



My cute little guy on the morning of his birthday. He is ALWAYS happy. Or at least more often than he is sad!


Jayden loves the bath. Today he actually refused to get out of the tub and kept saying “na!” to me. haha


He likes to swim around like a little fish!


Birthday Baloons!


The other day Jayden had a fork and a cookie and no matter what I did he would not put either one down it was so funny. He probably carried them around for a good 15 minutes.


Loves to head over to the fridge anytime it is open so he can turn off the light!


Messy Messy Magoo (what we call him when he gets super messy while eating)


For a few days Jayden was obsessed with his belly. If we ask him,”Where is your belly” he will pat it. He doesn’t do it as much now but when he does it it is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Sometimes he even pulls at his skin like “what is this??” haha

Jayden still loves his walker and likes to try to run us over. He has enjoyed doing this for a few months now and he especially loves it now if we act all dramatic and fall over. More and more giggles!

He laughs ALL THE TIME NOW. Jayden is like full of giggles and it is so awesome. All you have to do is pop out from around the corner and he will laugh. It is my favorite.

My current favorite outfit the Underarmour tank, the flip flops…haha I just can’t get over it!

We are moving in 3 days to Solon Ohio (near Cleveland). We are living in corporate housing and even though most of the stuff here isn’t ours we are going to have to check every single cabinet and drawer and nook and cranny because Jayden puts everything and anything in cabinets, drawers, boxes, laundry baskets, the garbage, under the bed etc. He is obsessed with putting things in places. It always cracks me up when I see him heading towards the cabinet with the garbage carrying a toy. I know he is about to throw the toy away. So funny!

He loves to play peek a boo!


Obsessed with driving the car!

We are sitting on his favorite hill to play on…he always heads straight for it at full speed once he see’s it


Jayden loves putting things on his head! Diapers, hats, shorts, shirts, toys. You name it and it goes on his head!


He is a big boy eater! He doesn’t like to be fed by anyone and always has to have his utensils haha he loves to try to stab things with his fork.


Jayden is still not walking yet but he will take a step every now and then. His record so far is 6 steps!

Knock Knock? Who’s There? One of Jayden’s favorite games that is what! He loves to shut doors on you and wait for you to knock to come back in. If he can open it he will or he will “knock” on it with his head until you open it.

IMG_8948IMG_8949Likes to read books and will sit on my lap and hand me book after book to read. But he only lets me read like one page in each book before we are on to the next!

IMG_8944IMG_8945We were a little sad to leave Jayden’s crib behind when we started this adventure. It was beautiful and we really love it. But there was no way we could put it in our car so we had to find another option. We didn’t really want Jayden to sleep in a literal pack-n-play every day for the next few years because we don’t feel like the mattress is the most comfortable for him with how it folds up and everything. So we did a TON of research and found this baby bjorn travel bed and bought it. He 100% absolutely loves his bed now. he even will try to get in it during the day when he isn’t needing to be sleeping…just to play in it! The sides are soft and flexible and the mattress is right on the ground so he isn’t laying on any steel bars or anything. He loves to lean against the sides and get super comfy. I love that he loves his bed because he sleeps so good every night and nap!

I could go on and on and on about our squishy buddy and how much fun we have with him. I spend every day with him outside as he plays with wood chips and goes crazy when he sees dogs. He always wants to hold my hand and sit on my lap and I am so in love. I am excited to explore new places with him because he loves to explore and we have a lot of fun together!


  1. he is so adorable! What kind of high chair/seat are you using (the one where you can attach the seat and tray to the table)? It's such a great idea! I was about to buy a high chair but I think I just changed my mind when I saw yours.

    1. Thanks Eugenia! So we have a Chicco high chair that attaches to the table. You can see all of the options on their website (I think they have 2 different ones) We love it because it folds up pretty small and we can take it with us everywhere we go!

  2. There are some seriously cute pics in this post!! Live reading about your family. Love ya!